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What are Wag Wins?

Think birthday/gotcha-day surprises, holiday goodies, and a paw in our product review process. Like Truffle, our senior tester, your dog can sample our newest treats and toys before they’re unleashed. 

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We’re Worth the Wait

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Bark to Basics

Sit, stay, study! Our online Canine Classroom is a fun way for the whole family to get involved. The intro course covers the transition to pet-owning, basic training, and how to take good care of your dog. Collect points for each challenge you complete. And earn some wag-worthy prizes as you learn.

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Empowering Pets And Their Humans

We help pet families like you raise happy, well-balanced pups by fetching the best in local products and services. We only work with businesses who share our “cheer over fear” approach to connecting with your pet.

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