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The Dog And The Vacuum

Why is My Dog Afraid of the Vacuum? It’s a tale as old as time and there are countless videos on YouTube that show dogs reacting hilariously to vacuums. However,

How To Be An Advocate For Adoption

How To Be An Advocate For Adoption In this post: Stop hating on the breeders Be a social media advocate Advocate “bully” breeds Top reasons

How To Choose Dog Toys

In this post: What are the safety standards in dog toys? How to pick safe toys Our recommendations   You love your dog, and there

Responsible Dog Owner

Responsible Dog Owner When you adopt a dog, regardless of whether it’s a puppy or an older dog, whether it’s a big dog or a small one, and

Introducing Dogs To Each Other

Introducing Dogs to Each Other In this post: Dog meeting rules What does a good dog meeting look like? What does an insecure dog meeting

Roughhousing Among Dogs

Roughhousing Among Dogs In this post: How can you tell if dogs are fighting or playing? How can I create a safe environment during play?

Help! My Dog Isn’t Listening

Help! My Dog Isn’t Listening In this post: Why is my dog not listening? How to make your dog listen to you Training your dog

Common Potty Behaviors

Common Potty Behaviors In this post: Why does my dog kick up grass after peeing/pooping? Why does my dog lift his leg while peeing? Why

Training Basics

Now that you’ve got your new dog home and you’ve established the rules, it’s time to work on training your dog! While some of you

Understand Your Dog Better

Understand Your Dog Better The day that someone breaks the language barrier between dogs and humans is going to be arguably the best day ever!

Dog Walking Equipment

Dog Walking Equipment In this post: Chains, prong collars, and e-collars Retractable leashes Harnesses Our Recommendation Walks are incredibly important for your new best friend.


Flyball If you have a super athletic and energetic dog, you might want to look into joining a dog sport. Truffle and I tried to