About Us

We are Wag Enabled: Created for pet people, by pet people.

At Wag Enabled, we like to think of ourselves as pet people for one simple reason, we love our pets!

Because we want every pet to live their #bestlife, we made a highly curated and vetted platform for pet owners to connect with their local pet professionals who share our values. This means that all small businesses and professionals you will find on our site provide products and services that are pain-free, fear-free, based in animal behavior science and, of course, lots of love.

Wag Enabled means saying “NO!” to:

  • Fear and pain-based businesses and trainers
  • Outdated training methodologies
  • Products that cause stress, fear, or pain

Every product, service provider, video and blog post featured on Wag Enabled is chosen to help you improve your relationship with your pet and create a stronger bond based in mutual respect and understanding. We do this because we genuinely want every day in your fur baby’s life to be filled with love.

Wag Enabled is:


We believe that every pet deserves to be treated humanely and only work with businesses/brands that share the same values.


We will never recommend a product, business, or service that promotes the use of chokers, prongs, electric collars, or similar methodologies.


As a small business, we believe that local brands/businesses are the cornerstones of our society. We hand-pick every brand and business on our site to guarantee you get the best of the best.

Help pet parents raise a happy, well-balanced pet through expert advice, local pet professionals, and product recommendations all at their fingertips!

Hi there! My name is Aly and I absolutely love dogs! It all started when I adopted a dog named Duke from a family member. He was huge, furry, brown-eyed love bug who was very reactive to people and other dogs. I had no idea what I was getting myself into!

Through trial-and-error (and lots and lots of mistakes!) I found my way to animal behavior science and counter-conditioning methods. I loved my new relationship with my dog.

This inspired my amazing friend and mentor Mary and me to start Why Does My Dog in 2015. We wanted to help all dog owners better understand and communicate with their dogs. To help them have a relationship built on trust and love, not on fear and intimidation. Along the way, I became certified in Applied Animal Behavior and we decided that we wanted to take Why Does My Dog to the next level.

Enter Wag Enabled! Wag Enabled is designed to help you strengthen your relationship with your pet through a direct connection to hand-picked, trusted pet professionals in your area who share our values.

I really hope that this site can provide you with everything you need to have a happy, strong, and loving relationship with your pup (or any other pets).

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Your Business on Wag Enabled

We are always looking for local pet businesses (and pet-friendly businesses) and brands to join our wag-tastic family. All we ask is that your business or brand does not promote the use of chokers, prongs, or electric collars.