Dog Agility: Teaching See-Saw

Dog Agility: Teaching See-Saw

Make the dog comfortable around the see-saw so that he is not afraid of it. While giving the dog some treats or some loves, move the see-saw around. Keep praising the dog while doing this.

Next, find your dogs’ favorite treat. Something that is good for the dog and is pretty small because you will be giving him a lot! Perhaps use his breakfast or dinner, so your pup won’t get chubby while learning. I like to use ZiwiPets dog treats or dog food because they are a perfect size and have a strong smell for my dog.

Slowly and very patiently, lure the dog up the lowered end of the see-saw. As the dog gets closer to the middle, hold the see-saw so that it does not go down unexpectedly and scare your dog.

Once your dog gets to the middle, slowly start to lower the other end while still luring the dog. Lower the end really slowly.

When your dog is comfortable, start leaving fewer treats on the board and let him lower the board himself.

Aly DelaCoeur, UW-AAB
Aly DelaCoeur, UW-AAB is one of the founders of Wag Enabled (originally Why Does My Dog). Aly has a certificate in applied animal behavior through the University of Washington and is a certified veterinary assistant and AKC Evaluator. She aims to provide an unbiased perspective on dog training by providing practical, intelligent, and caring advice for people to impart on their canine companions